28 Mar 2012


In 1990's the most popular programme broadcasted by All India Radio Chennai was ''Today's information'' ( இன்று ஒரு தகவல்). This programme  was presented by Sri. Thenkachi  swaminathan daily. Every household waited to hear him so that the day began with a sense of humour. The two minute story with a joke will make us laugh for a long time. Here are two such narratives.

An industrialist gave a party to a VIP. After the party he came forward to present the VIP  a brand new car.
The VIP refused the offer saying that he has come to such a high post only to serve the people and that he was honest and will not accept anything  free.
But the industrialist told him to give only one rupee as a token amount and take the car so that it is not free.
The VIP called the industrialist near him, gave him 10 Rs and said,''Kindly send 10 cars to my address.''


One man known to me met his friend in the market. He went to him and gave a nice blow. The friend asked him, ''Why did you beat me?''

Why did you go and tell my wife that I am a fool?

Oh, did you beat me for telling that?

It is okay if you tell somebody. But why did you tell it to MY wife!!??


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